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Shelter In The Woods @ Greenwood Avenue

Shelter in the woods. What an interesting name. I wonder how it got its name. If you have been here before the recent renovation, you would have remembered it to be dark place. It’s as if you have been lost in the forest and it’s […]

The Boiler @ Tai Seng Industrial Estate

Here in Singapore, Louisiana inspired seafood restaurants are popping up and one of the latest opening is The Boiler. If you have grown fond of the various cajun-style preparation of seafood, you can add this place to your place to go. Crab and shrimp boils […]

The Oyster Festival @ Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro

Are you an oyster lover? If you are, you probably have heard of Greenwood Fish Market. It’s where you can get the freshest and most variety of oysters and at almost wholesale prices. It’s not too late to find out if you don’t know about […]

Les Amis @ Shaw Centre

Les Amis, (pronounced ‘leh za mi’ and the French word for “the friends”) has been around Singapore for some time, in fact it’s since 1994. That is 20 years. For restaurants to last so long, they must be doing things right. It has been doing […]