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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ajisen @ IMM

1. I was hungry and happened to stand in front of Ajisen.
2. When I think of Ajisen, I think of their 'Pai Ku' (pork ribs)! (Am I weird?)
3. And when I thought of 'Pai Ku',  my legs took control and walked in!

I saw that it is still in the menu and I ordered it!  This is my 'Pai Ku Ramen'. $11
I know it is deep fried and does not look very healthy, but I just like it!
(I think it used to be better?)

Paiku Ramen

This is the Tonpei Yaki $4.80
Sliced pork with egg and shredded cabbage. Very yummy too!

Tonpei Yaki

Are you also a pai ku fan?

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 21
#01-113 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

Tel: 6564 5610

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ajisen Desserts @ IMM

Though the menu for their usual meals have changed a bit, as mentioned recent post, their desserts menu is still about the same.

We like to have some desserts here after meals. A little sweet things to sweeten up the day or night. ;-)

Green Tea Sundae with some of the chewy colourful rice cakes, red bean paste and fruits. Everyone loves this. Oh, those little brown balls are not choc chips, it's sour!! Tiny sour plums.

Green Tea Sundae

This green tea (i think it's mochi / rice cakes) are quite bitterly delicious. It's green tea powder over it.

Green Tea Chewy

If bitter green tea powder's not your type of dessert, this Mango and Red Bean 'ice kacang' should please you. We only wish there was even more mangoes. LOL...

Mango and Red Bean dessert

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ajisen @ IMM

It's been a long time since we had anything in Ajisen, it seems the menu has changed quite a bit. The set deals seems to be less tempting now. The things that we wanted is no longer there. ;-(

But here's what we had. Since we are already here, we ordered the following to try.

Beef Ramen.

Beef Ramen

Tom Yam Seafood Ramen.

Seafood Tomyam Ramen

I decided to try something really different. I never had their rice dishes all these years. I picked something really healthy too!

Pork slices with vegetable shreds. It's blanched with water and served with a bowl of sauce to dip.

Boiled Pork Slices with shredded Veg

Comes with rice and miso soup.

Rice that comes with the set

Miso Soup that comes with the set

It was rather healthy tasting though. If you want to try something healthy, you can try this.

But I miss the range of sides dishes that you used to get from their old menu though.

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ajisen @ IMM

This was dinner last Saturday with sis and momo. Sis needed to get some stuff from IMM. I also had to return library books at the nearby Jurong East library.

After settling all the errands, sis and momo decided that we shall have Ajisen. We noticed that the menu has finally changed. Prices are also different now.

At least there's something new to try and no more almost disintegrated menus.

We all had the Ajisen Sets, ie you order a main, a side dish and a drink. It's $14.90 each set for these that we ordered. These are the side dishes we had. Chicken wings. I always get this, it taste yummy somehow.

The white fish fingers. This was recommended by the person taking our orders. She said most people order it.

The meat skewers. This reminded us of the Australian 'pasar malam' food in Darwin! LOL... The ones in Darwin seem to taste better. ;-P

For the mains, this is the Kumamoto Ramen. Momo had this.

The Kotsu Ramen that sis had.

I had something totally new on the menu. The Spicy Octopus Dry Ramen.
Look at all the octopus suckers. It's a nice change to the usual soupy stuff I have in Ajisen.

For the soup dishes, sis and momo both noted that they are light handed on salt now. Why, oh why? The reason that we chose Ajisen was because we wanted some saltier food. LOL...

(But no one beats the saltiness at Santouka. Suddenly have craving for Santouka now. :-p)

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601
Tel: 6564 5610

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Desserting @ Ajisen, IMM

Oh, the temporary insanity we had about snacking after lunch did not stop with what you saw yesterday. The menu tempted us with the following:

Macha Sundae $4. With corn flakes below too.

The Zenzai (Red Bean Dessert). $6.20
Ice cream, dango and red bean paste.

Oh, this pickle goes with the above. Savoury & the sweet stuff above. Quite good!

The Macha Sundae Anmitsu $6.80
Red bean paste + little cubes of jelly + a cup of black honey to go with it.

The was eaten on Sunday, and on the next day, I hopefully have burnt off the calories in the Body Combat class. Any one here also attends Body Combat classes? As I am typing this, I am still have aches all over from Monday's class.

Sigh, want to eat, so have to exercise. Is it a waste of time and energy? LOL...

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Snacking @ Ajisen, IMM

After the pasta (that we had yesterday), we were feeling a bit gluttony and decide to snack a bit. Aunt and I thought we would like to have KFC! (blame it on that silly KFC ad on tv with the $5.95 cab fare that has to be paid with the KFC meal.)

Walking around, we realised that there's no more KFC at IMM! There used to be a 3-in-1 KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell right? It's no longer there!

So, we thought of the fried chicken wings at Ajisen!

We snacked on Tako Yaki $4.50

Ah, the chicken wings $3.80

Black Pepper Ton Toro $4.80

Sis wanted okonomiyaki, but they ran out of it, so she ordered something that looked similar. haha. A Tonpei Yaki. $3.80

Our cousin had her dose of Salmon Sashimi. We had desserts too. ;-)

We were happy after snacking and went home to sleep for the afternoon!
Oh yes, pay with a Citibank card and get 10% off.

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 1
Singapore 609601

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ajisen @ IMM

This was dinner on Sunday. We had wanted to go to Holland Village for the Jap there, but last minute we decided to go to IMM, because someone wanted to buy something for Daiso.

Since we already decided on Jap, so we just went to Ajisen. It must have been a long time since we stepped in here.

We ordered stuff to share instead, so we get to taste more things. Eating big bowls of ramen is just too filling and boring. LOL

So, we only ordered two Ramen Sets.
The slices of pork (sorry, forgot the name) Ramen.

Also the Pork Rib Ramen. (Pai Ku Mian) I always like their yummy paiku. :-)

With the set, we could have two side dishes, so we had the mini orangey octopus and also the fried chicken wings.

Cousin is getting to be a salmon sashimi fan. We ordered this for her and it is proving to be too little nowadays.

So, she pestered her mum for another plate of sashimi, I think only at this place, do you find a flower shape salmon sashimi! :-)

Everyone also ordered what they want. So we had 2 Tako Yaki. (Octopus balls thingy with lots of benito flakes above)

Sis will 101% order this when it's on the menu. So we had 2 Okonomiyaki.

Maybe we were feeling gluttony, so we ordered some more after we finished the above.
So we ordered a Tonpei Yaki. It's pork slices inside the omelet that is covering a mountain of shredded cabbage.

Haha... guess what, we shared desserts as well. I think weekends are pigging out nites!
Oh, if you pay with a Citibank card, you get 10% off. With things rising in cost nowadays, every discount counts! Haha...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ajisen @ Plaza Singapura

It seems that these few weeks, Plaza Singapura seems to be where I frequent. Hmmm I wonder why?

Anyway, for Sunday's lunch, we were wondering what to eat, and we ended up at Ajisen. How predictable too when we decided to order food. The same people who usually eats the same food ordered the same thing. Haha..

Except for this, Salmon Sashimi ($6.80)that came quite pretty eh.

Uncle had Tom Toro Ramen. Pork slices.

Cousin and aunt shared the Pai Ku Ramen. I love the paiku!!!

I ordered the Tomato Ramen yet again! I love the taste of it, I dunno why!

Shall not show the side dishes ya. Same same all the time. So predictable too. All the sets are $13.80, which consist of 1 Ramen dish, 1 side dish and 1 drink.

There was this promotion thingy. New dishes and here it is. Ika Meshi. ($8.80)
It's Sotong stuffed with rice. I think you need to have an acquired taste for this.

When I was paying, the cashier was asking if we liked the Ika Meshi.
Aunt loved it, uncle so so, I dun like. That's why I don't put ratings on food. Everyone has different taste! haha..

The cashier said some people loved it, others left the dish untouched after one bite. I think Ajisen will do well, since they ask people what they think. Haha..

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ajisen @ IMM

I was having lunch with mum today. We decided to have Ajisen. I already knew what I wanted. There was this tomato chicken thingy that I tried the last time. Realise that they dont sell it at this branch in IMM.

Anyway, Mum took the Volcano. The fiery spicy one. Plus the savoury stuff as side dish.

While I had Paiku mian and Tako Balls as side dish. I love the paiku. Yummmmmy and salty.

It was a good time chatting with mum.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ajisen @ Pargo Bugis

Last Sunday, we had lunch at Pargo Bugis. Instead of walking down the basement path where the food court and other restaurants are, we walk on ground level and at the other side.

It's been sometime since we had Ajisen, so we sat down.
We ordered the set meals, which comes with a side dish, a main dish and a drink.

The side dish that came was the Octopus. It has lots of sauce on it right? Is it a bit wrong? But I think I dip my other food in this sauce. (oii.. don't laugh!)

We also had Octopus Balls with benito flakes.

These are the soft shell crabs.

Sis and Aunt ordered the Pai Ku Mian. (Pork rib ramen).
I love the pork ribs, I 'tax' some from sis.

I had Tomato Chicken. I thought it was interesting and I think it is very delicious. I love tomato based stuff. The soup is whitish, but below, there's something like tomato salsa you have as dips.

Have a great day ahead.

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