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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brunch at Da Paolo BistroBar, Rochester Park

The wife loves weekend brunches. Some weeks we go for brunches together, on other weeks, she meets up with her other friends from secondary school, her Bible Study girls, etc. They leave their husbands and boyfriends at home so that they have their own personal time. Sometimes to compare how *ahem* their partners are, sometimes to complain how horrible they are.

We used to complain that some friends after getting attached totally forget about their old friends. So we still meet up with old friends. Don't you all have friends that don't meet up after being attached?

This was an invited lunch. A lunch where we were left on ourselves to enjoy the brunch, but the tab picked up by the restaurant.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

It was a nice cool Sunday the week we had the brunch. We finished church and off we went to have brunch.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Chef Andrea Scarpa's Da Paolo BistroBar is now offering Sunday Brunch from 11 AM to 3 PM every Sunday (but of course!).

The wife and I remembered that I nearly choked Chef Andrea with sugar in the Bosch Dream Kitchen Episode 4 that I participated a few months ago. Chef Andrea was not around that Sunday we were there though.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
(you can click on the photo to view a bigger version of it)

So how does it work? The menu above, pick any options the SIMPLY BREAKFAST or MAINS section and you get to enjoy two hours of free flow champagne (Loius Roederer Premiere Brut Reims) for $70 or prosecco (Tenuta Setten DOC Treviso) for $40 and a complimentary coffee, tea or soft drink.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

This was the Prosecco that we had.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Oh.. what a coincidence that we met MissTamChiak there with her partner.
We decided to double date and both sat on the same table.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
Persimmon Salad ($24)

We thought we will share a salad so that we won't be too full to eat our mains.
Quite an interesting mix of greens, blanched baby leeks, manchego cheese, persimmons, pine nuts and San Daniele Parma Ham.

The wife has more ideas for her salads. She will add persimmons to her salads next time.

From the MAINS section, we had:

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger ($31)

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

It's Wagyu Beef Patty that's being wrapped around by Parma Ham with Porcini Mayo, Caramelised Onions and Brie in a Foccacia Bun. I like!

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Wagyu would be wasted if you cook it more than this.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

These potato wedges were so crispy and addictive.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
Crab Tagliatelle ($28)

If you like some homemade tagliatelle, this version  is with crab meat and tomato cream sauce with some thyme. The thing about home made pasta is that it absorbs the taste better.

How clever of them to put the crab shell on top. Looks pretty doesn't it?

From the SIMPLY BREAKFAST section, we had: 

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
Baked Gorgonzola Eggs ($26)

As they serve you, a small whiff of truffle oil lingers into your nose. For some it's heaven, I know someone who absolutely love truffle oil. Presented like a flower that's blomming, it does look impressive visually.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

Inside the blooming flower made of Ham are organic eggs and gorgonzola cheese above a bed of baby spinach. Topped with black truffle and dash of truffle oil.

Break the poached egg and the orange yolk goes well with the grilled bread.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park
Bistro Breakfast ($32)

For those who loves a hearty breakfast. Everything you wanted in a big breakfast, you have it here. I think they should put a calorie counter on the menu! Most people will ignore and calories and just go ahead and eat it!

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

It consists of mixed mushrooms, crispy potato stuffed with white beans, 2 poached organic eggs, pork sausages, bacon and some greens.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

This was the area we were sitting. Open air area that's shaded. Behind us was lush greens.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

In front of us was the main building that you see in the first photo above.
Love these old black and white houses.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

There's also an area where you can just have drinks and chill during Brunch or on selected weekday evenings. Three new permanent resident DJs, Stephen Day, Aveneesh and Debbie Chia will entertain you.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

A nice place with lots of greens behind!

Da Paolo Bistro Bar @ Rochester Park

The kitchen that all the food was prepared in a next building we could see where we were sitting.

Service was good when we arrive at around noon. As more people started streaming in, it was a tad slower in the kitchen side. It took more than half hour before our mains were served. Service staff was good though. Nowadays with the labour crunch, we got to bear with it. (or just come earlier!)

Da Paolo BistroBar
3 Rochester Park
Singapore 139214

Tel: +65 6774 5537

Monday to Saturday, 11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch), 5.30pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)
Sunday and Public Holidays, 11am to 3pm (Brunch), 5pm – 10pm (Dinner)

Bar Lounge Hours:
Monday to Friday: 5.30pm – 11.30pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: 2pm – 11.30pm

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Obolo Galeria @ Rochester Mall

For those of us living on the western side of Singapore, this might be a piece of good news. Obolo has opened a branch at Rochester Mall. They have named this branch Obolo Galeria and fans of their macarons don't need to travel all the way to 112 Katong or Serangoon Gardens now.

Rochester Mall is just next to Buona Vista MRT and opposite Biopolis. A 10 minute short walk from the MRT station.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
They opened on 9 Feb and they their hours are till midnight. On Friday and Saturday nights, they are opened till 1 AM.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
Their delectable macarons inside the refrigerated display.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
If you must try, try the Champagne Macarons.
As I am a fan of chocolate, the chocolate ones are quite good too.

Their macarons are not too sweet, so even if you are not a sweet tooth person, try it.

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
Quite tempting don't you think?

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
If your friends or colleagues are desserts people, but you are not, don't worry.
They do serve hot food. I tried the wild mushroom soup which I think was very heart warming.

Their small pizzas like the one above is quite nice when it's warm.
(That means don't waste too much time taking photos! haha)

Obolo @ Rochester Mall
The shop is not very big here, the space might be a little cramp inside, but they have alfresco dining option.

I like their cookies in little red boxes. Head over to their online shop at: if you want to see those cookies and other cakes.

Obolo Galeria
35 Rochester Drive
#01-08 The Rochester Mall
Singapore 138639

Tel: +65  6570 0102

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starbucks @ Rochester Park

KopiKosongGirl, sis and I just wanted to sit down and have a drink after dinner.
I remember people talking about this new Starbucks at Rochester Park and I also got invited to an opening that I could not go.

So, we thought we would just pop by on a midweek night.
It's called Starbucks' first destination store in Singapore. It's housed in one of the 'black and white' colonial buildings and there are new items in the menu that's exclusive to the Rochester Park branch.

Starbucks Rochester Park

It's like visiting someone's house!
It's also very quiet. The entire upstairs is for seating.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Took these first 3 photos with my iPhone. (to be more discreet and not disturb others)
A little different compared to the other branch I usually go to.

Starbucks Rochester Park

We were tempted by these cakes, but we had already had dinner earlier.

Starbucks Rochester Park

My favourite drink in Starbucks.
It's long name: Tazo® Green Tea Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage.

Some say I should try it with Soy Milk. I tried it and still thinks the milk version taste better than the soy version.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Their new mugs. Seen them used in a few branches now. No more Starbucks wording on it.
I think these mugs look nicer.

Starbucks Rochester Park

We could not resist not ordering nothing to nibble with our 3 drinks.
We had the Chocolate Molten Cake.

Starbucks Rochester Park

Yes, the cake is the light sponge version and not the thick dense cakes.
The melting chocolate was nice.

We were there on a Wednesday night. We like it because it's not noisy, except for a few girls who was laughing away. The rest were students studying and kept quiet. We also saw something we don't usually see. Teenage boy reading a novel alone.

As of 6 Dec, there's no Wifi here. Which is sometimes good, because there wont be hoggers. :-)
One of the nicer Starbucks around.

Starbucks Rochester Park
37 Rochester Park
Singapore 138640

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