Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Detox Experience using PunchDetox.

My sister has recently gone healthy. She's eating cleaner, going to the gym a few times a week, preparing for a short marathons (she just signed up for 2!) To help her slim down and also trigger the body to 'clean up', she's also gone on juice detox two times over the last 6 months. She paid quite a huge amount of money because she said that will motivate her. When I told her, I was offered to try a juice detox, she and my wife said that I should try it. I have been eating too rich a diet.

I was skeptical about juice detoxing. Are you sure?  So, I didn't say yes to the offer.

I love my food and I am sure many of you know it.

That said, I tried out their juices earlier. PunchDetox invited some folks over for (healthy) drinks, before they offered me to try the full thing. I had about a quarter a glass of each of their juices to taste, it tasted quite nice frankly.

Anyway, here's a short brief about PunchDetox:

PunchDetox is the first and leading Hong Kong based juice detox program. It has been around since 2010. PunchDetox uses a combination of raw, unpasteurized, vegan and organic juices. The difference that PunchDetox has compared to other juice detox program in Singapore is that it uses 'superfood' in every single of its juices. Amazonian Acai Berry, Himalayan Goji Berry etc.

They came over to Singapore in August this year and brought over their experience in juice detoxification to Singaporeans. If you want to find out more about them, there are tonnes of Q and A and other info at  I think I have clicked on almost all of the questions and read the answers.

So a few weeks later when I was asked if I would like to try, I said yes.

So here goes, my experience. I asked different people who have gone through it and they all had difference experiences. It's interesting how different body reacts to it.

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

I did the cleanse on a weekday. Some people prefer weekends as they feel more relaxed and detoxification is all about doing it slowly. Weekends are days with family and also extended family. We have gatherings etc, there's too much explanation to do if I excuse myself, so a weekday is good for me.

The delivery of the juices:

The juices are delivered a day before your juice cleanse starts. This was for the 3 day cleanse. They would have told you earlier that these juices needs to be kept cool, so delivery is preferably to a place where you can keep the juices in the fridge as quick as possible.

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

Each bag comes with 6 bottles which is a day's worth of juice. They have ice pack in this cold pack, so your 'living juice' as they call it, stays cool and alive.

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

There are two levels that you can choose from. Level 1 for beginners and Level 2 for the more advanced detox, or those that have done detox before.

I chose Level 1. The juice from breakfast to supper!

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

I stored them in the bar fridge in my office. Fits in nicely! All 18 bottles of it!
I took home my breakfast (drink 1), dinner (drink 5) and supper (drink 6), because I will be at home when I drink them.


Like other Juice Detox programs, you get emails to guide you along. You can see that I have been receiving emails.  Since I already had a sister who have gone through it twice, she's telling me what to do, so I won't waste the effort.

Basically, for maximum benefits, you start to eat clean and reduce your 'unhealthy' food intake. My sis when she was doing it, had almost a week of clean eating. I only had ahem, 1 day of clean eating. You know there are many people who are experts and have read up about a lot of things.

Since I did the detox during the weekday, I still had lunch with my colleagues. One colleague who is well read about health issues said, it takes around 3-4 days for all the food you take to be passed out from your system. He should have told me earlier, then I would be more discipline to eat clean longer.


Detox Experience using PunchDetox

In the pre-detox email that they sent, it's recommend that the following be eliminated from my diet:
caffeine, meat, dairy products, alcohol, nicotine, sodas, refined sugars, gluten, processed foods, fast foods. Not too difficult for me. I think the most difficult for most people would be caffeine!

So, I was having Yong Tau Food for my meals. Sis said I should not even eat tofu and fish, but I ate it because I was hungry.

Pre-detox day was actually the most difficult day for me.  I was constantly hungry and I could not snack like I usually do. I have a headache almost the whole day and that night I went to bed early.

Detox Day 1:

I woke up at 6:15 am. It's the day that I have personal training with my trainer and he was teasing me. Sure or not? Protein shakes gives you more muscle lah. Why do you want to detox?

I thought I felt weaker but I did have energy to do the burpees and strength training exercises for 1 hour. I just felt slighter weaker lifting heavier weights. 

Punch Detox - Fitbit

Proof that I had walked a lot that day. I was surprised that I could last the first day!

I had my 'drink 1' before going to the gym. It lasted me till 10 am when I had my 2nd drink. I was feeling 'hungry' because it was mostly liquid. How shall I put it? It was not really hungry, but more of 'lacking satisfaction' as it was only liquid. The above was 'drink 3' which was my lunch.

Since lunch was already available, I thought I would stay in the office and take a nap. After the drink, I was feeling very cold. The drink was cold, and the office temperature was at 24 C. Somehow the 24C seems colder than usual.

I decided to take a walk to the library, it was warm outside according to colleagues who later came back from lunch. Guess what? I was not feeling warm at all. I felt like I was thawing. I borrowed books about food. Those scientific ones that tells you about the technical details of Mailliard Reaction, too geeky eh?

The day went past quite OK. I was very sleepy by 9 pm. I had my 'drink 6' and went to bed.

Detox Day 2:

Like my usual 'after personal training' day, I feel tired and was not as active. I felt lazy and didn't take steps and mostly used the lift. The body was ok. Passing motion was about normal, just that there was nothing much coming out.

Punch Detox - Fitbit

I felt the absence of real solid food in my diet. The Hokkien saying of "No eat meat, no strength!" came through my head. Since I was determined to complete it successfully, I did not cheat.

Throughout the day, I did not feel as strong as the previous day and I felt cold too. I was drinking warm water in between my drinks. That made me go many rounds to the toilet to 'dispose water'. I did notice that the urine was not really clear. The various juices did make the urine seem 'yellowish'. 

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

When I got home in the evening, it was time for 'drink 5' which is their GazPUNCHo. I was feeling cold and did not want to have another cold drink. I read in their literature that you can warm up 'drink 5' if you want. Heating it slightly made it so easy to drink and it was like a instant relief. Body felt warmer.

The soup is made up of tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Yes, it tastes like tomato soup. I love this soup! I met someone who went on as well and she said she hated this soup to the max! She said she hates tomato to begin with. I love it because I love tomatoes!

I fell asleep watching TV and decided to just go to bed after 'drink 6'. I love Drink 6 because it's a nutty and filling juice. It's made from raw cashews, raw almonds, agave nectar, sea salt and filtered water. With this, you don't go to bed feeling hungry.

Detox Day 3:

This was a horrible day, it started when I woke up.

Whatever these juices are suppose to do, it's working. It's making me run to the toilet! There are slight churning in the tummy. Oh man, and the liquid substance that came out stank through the roof! It was so smelly and sis was saying on our home whatsapp group, it's working, you are being cleansed! Ya right.....

Day 3 seems to have more steps recorded on my pedometer. Well I think it's because there was at least 5 trips to the toilet to 'ka-boom'! It also happened to be a super busy day at work. Meetings, Kaboom, Meetings, Kaboom. Meetings, Kaboom.

Punch Detox - Fitbit

It was a busy day and after meetings that went into overdrive, by the time I came back to the office for my lunch, I was behind in the timing. I drank 'drink 3' and 'drink 4' within 2 hours to catch up. 

By the end of Day 3, I didn't feel hungry and there was no more runs to the toilet. It's totally empty!
You feel your stomach capacity shrunk, you already don't feel hungry. Each bottle has 500 ml of juice, you do really feel very full and I didn't really want to finish it all because I don't feel hungry.

I was glad it was over after 'drink 6' on the 3rd night. I slept early because it's Personal Training day the next morning.

Day after Detox:

Woke up at 6:15 am, so that I can go for my 7 am personal training session.
Somehow felt really lighter, less stress too. The whole detox is over and I don't feel hungry!

Punch Detox - Fitbit

If you start the day with cardio and strength training, you feel stronger and more energized. You can tell from the pedometer records the walking I did and the floors I climbed.

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

I still avoided the list of banned foods that was stated before the detox. It's kind of back to the usual food I have. I usually buy fruits and chocolate milk for breakfast. I just skipped milk. I ate half the fruits and you felt full already. Stomach capacity has shrunk so fast?

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

For lunch, I had 3 different veggies from the Vegetarian rice stall. First taste of real food. I didn't really eat the rice. The rice was to soak up the oil and saltiness of the veggies! The veggies did fill me up without having the rice.

Detox Experience using PunchDetox

I usually have the ABC at the drinks stall. This tasted weak and lousy.

The 'drink 3' for the last 3 days has been organic and high quality ones. Beetroot, Carrot, Red Apples, Ginger, Orange and Goji Berries. I am beginning to miss the wonderful taste of cold press juices. As I typed this, sis has got a new cold press juicer at home and we have had quality juices now.

In Summary:
  • I didn't lose any weight, the most was probably 1/2 kg. I stand on the scale daily anyway and it's recorded digitally via wifi to the cloud and I access the graphs via my phone.  I look at the statistics and charts and there was no weight loss. Weight fluctuate daily anyway depending on what time you stand on it.
  • The body fat seems to have decreased 1.5%. A week after the detox, the 1.5% came back to me! 
  • I didn't feel hungry during detox days, it was only the pre-detox day that I was hungry. During the detox days, with 500 ml of liquid every 2 hours, I don't really feel hungry. Just a feeling of 'non statistaction' on the first and second dat. I also drank water because it was recommended. Try drinking so much liquid daily. You won't feel hungry at all.
  • The juices tasted good. The 'potions' were slightly sweet because of the fruits in it. The juices always have a slight 'heat' element in it. There's either ginger or cayenne pepper in it, so you feel a bit 'hiam' in the taste.
  • I felt lighter inside, you feel more relax as your body don't need to process food. It's hard to describe this. Your body is not working so hard, so you don't feel stress. This can only be felt if you go through this. Then maybe you can explain it to me.
  • I felt really cold for the days when I was on detox. It was only when I was in the gym doing exercises that I didn't feel cold.
  • I did have energy to even go to the gym. I was told by a lady friend that she could not move and felt so drained and had to lie in bed. Maybe it works different for ladies?
  • I feel guilty when I see 'bad' food and I want to eat it. I somehow managed to refrain, I don't know why, but it did not last long. After a week or so, I felt less guilty and started to indulge again. You need a great will power to stay clean for a longer time.
  • I did not have the urge to cheat. My wife and sis was showing me my favourite food when I was drinking tomato soup. I resisted and felt good!
  • There's a cheat sheet where you can eat cucumber, celery sticks, mashed avocado, miso soup. I didn't need it. 

Would I recommend it?

If you have strong will power, and want to have a change, do it! I don't feel much change, but someone people said my skin did look different, there was a glow. I am not sure about that. The wife says, I should eat healthy and don't eat so much rich food. She says I need to live longer than her!

Get someone to do it with you, it might be easier. I am always curious so I talked to different people. A couple who was getting married decided to do it together as their one of their projects. He, I was told could do it, she (the person who told me) said it was tough for her.

If you think you would only do it half heartedly, don't waste your money. It's not cheap and you are wasting the juices.

Ok, that's all.
If you want to read about PunchDetox, go to the website at

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Okonomi Kaiseki @ Keyaki, Pan Pacific Singapore.

Last weekend, the wife and I were invited to a tasting at the new Weekend Brunch at a Japanese restaurant. We found this interesting as for most Kaiseki, you don't really have 'options'. You pick the Kaiseki set you like and out comes the chef's best picks for you. Here, they have what they call the Okonomi Kaiseki. Okonomi means 'as you like it'. Chef Hiroshi Ishiii has this Okonomi Kaiseki on weekends.

I asked the wife if she's interested to go, she thought for a while. Ladies have a rational side and not all emotional. She figured, it has been some time since she's been here, so that is a tick. She's also a preggie now and when she thinks of Japanese, so it's a cross. So she was in a dilemma. That's until I told her, you can choose what you want to eat. She exclaimed: Really?! You mean for every course, I can choose? Are you sure? OK, another tick. Let's go!

Yes, that's what the weekend brunch here is about. It does solve the problem many of us have with different family members or friends or spouse. The road block they always give you when you want to bring them out for meals.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore

It's a pleasure strolling to Keyaki at Level 4 of Pan Pacific. It's suddenly so tranquil and peaceful. I don't really see Japanese gardens at a restaurant in Singapore. I suddenly thought of Tetsuya's in Sydney. Tranquil gardens ah...

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore

The wife says, "Hey this place has changed a bit". She's right, they have done some renovations here recently. So peaceful that you want to spend some time reading here!

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore

We were slightly late because of poorly planned route we took getting here. The jams are so unpredictable now. The gracious host was kind to us, but we felt sorry for the other guests who had to wait for us.

Here's the menu. $75++ per person if you choose the non alcoholic version.
$125++ if you choose the unlimited sake, champagne, beer and some reds and whites version.

I shall not describe the details of a traditional Kaiseki meal. It's really very interesting but it takes pages and pages to describe it and some of you might already know. I'll describe our delightful experience here at Keyaki, course by course. Here goes:

1. Sashimi
  • this course is usually served as earlier courses and it showcases the fresh flavour and what's in season.
  • choices are: Shake (salmon), Hotate (scallop), Amaebi (sweet prawn), Hamachi (yellowtail) or Assorted Sashimi (Shake, Amaebi, Hotate).
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore

Almost the whole table has the assorted sashimi! The amaebi was really nice. So fresh, sweet and I wanted more. The scallop was good too. So I plucked a few of the chrysanthemum petals and had it with the sashimi.

2. Kobachi
  • the course is like the French style amuse bouche, it's to awaken the palate and prepare for the meal. It's usually light and refreshing.
  • choices are: seared beef with ponzu sauce, sweet miso-glazed konnyaku, unagi omelette, avocado salad and spinach with goma sauce.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
Unagi Omelette was nicely done. Soft and light, it really whet your appetite for what's to come.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
This was the seared beef appetizer. OK lah.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The spinach with goma sauce is good. Flavourful yet very light.
If popeye was to eat here, he will love the goma sauce over the spinach.

3. Yakimono
  • dishes in this course are cooked over high heat to give it a nice crisp crust.
  • choices are: Cod Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Mackerel, Grilled Prawn Skewer with Bacon, Pan-fried Pork with Ginger.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
I love all kinds of mackerel and if it's on the menu, 90% of the time, I will order it. Nice crispy mackerel, nicely salted and a happy me. It's very hard to describe mackerel, if you are a mackerel person you will like it.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The wife is the cod or salmon person. If there's cod or salmon, she will order it. The cod teriyaki here is nicely done. It's also popular on the table as most people ordered this!

4. Nimono
  • for this course, food is simmered in Keyaki's homemade dashi stock.
  • choices are: agedashi tofu, chawanmushi, chicken soup, simmered seasoned vegetables and simmered white bait and egg.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
I enjoyed this simmered seasoned vegetable. The best part was the tofu that has soaked up the flavours of the stock. I have also learn how to make beautiful shape carrots next time I am cooking. This shape is nice ya!

 Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The Agedashi tofu was good too as it was not the chewy on the outside.

5. Agemono
  • this course is the hearty deep fried dishes, food dipped in batter and fried till golden.
  • choices are: tempura, battered oysters, battered soft shell crab, battered squid, battered seasonal vegetables.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
Battered Squid was all right. It was done just nice and flavoured nicely. The portion was good too. Looks a bit overdone, but it wasn't chewy though. Maybe the seasoning.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The battered soft shell crabs were good too. Crispy and nicely salted.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
We saw new friend Bino's battered oysters and had to take a photo of it.
In fact, it might be the most popular dish for this course as most people had it!

6. Teppanyaki
  • this course serves food cooked over high eat on an iron griddle.
  • choices are: beef, scallop, prawn, salmon, chicken
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
I had the urge for scallops then, so I ordered scallops. As you can see, nicely charred, and still fat and plump. The small touches that I observed, heated plates, it's quite hot, ensure your food is still nice and warm when it is served to you.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The Mrs ordered well done beef and surprise surprise, it came out well done and it was still tender inside. Looks like the chef behind the teppanyaki does know how to control the temperature of the grill and the doneness of the meat.

7. Shokuji
  • this course is the final savoury course in the menu, to round off the meal.
  • choices are: spicy tuna roll, california roll, yakisoba, garlic fried rice and cold soba noodles.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
The Mrs has the California roll. It's one of the safe food for her. (Haha!)
The service staff said they had egg roe on it and it was omitted for her, so they only had sesame seeds for her roll.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
I had the cold soba noodles. I like soba noodles and the ones here is nice and cold. I think it's like an action food. You take some noodles, dip them in the sauce and then repeat.

I like more wasabi in my sauce, so I stole the wife's wasabi and added my portion of wasabi, seaweed and green onions into the sauce.

8. Mizumono
  • the sweet note as the last course of the Kaiseki.
  • choices are: seasonal fruit (that day we ate it was musk melon), green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream, lime sherbet and read bean soup.
Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
It was a sunny day, so almost everyone had the recommended green tea ice cream.
Come to think of it, maybe I should have eaten the musk melon because it's available.

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Singapore
Another safe food for preggies, read bean soup with rice cakes.
A bit too sweet for the Mrs who has a less sweet tongue. It's a very heart warming end.

It was a nice meal on a warm Saturday afternoon. A nice cool, quiet place to spend the afternoon too and we met a few new friends.

To keep up to date with the restaurant, you can follow them at:

Weekend Brunch @ Keyaki
Pan Pacific Singapore
Level 4
7 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039595

Brunch hours: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Days: Weekends (and public holidays)

Tel: +65 6826 8240

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Friday, October 03, 2014

The St. Regis Bloody Mary 80th Anniversary Brunch

If you are at any St Regis Hotels and Resorts in the world, you can always order the "Bloody Mary". It's their signature drink and it was perfected 80 years ago at The King Cole Bar, The St Regis New York. Perfected by Fernand Petiot in 1934, the cocktail was once known as the Red Snapper because its original name was sounding too vulgar for that era. 

St Regis properties worldwide will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of Bloody Mary this month. If you have visited the different St Regis property, you would have seen or drank a local interpretation of the Bloody Mary. In Singapore, there is the Cili Padi Mary. I tell you, it's spicy! Many people said they prefer this version that has a kick to the original Bloody Mary.

(In any case, due to health reason at the time, you are not convenient to have alcohol, you can always ask for non alcohol version.)

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The St Regis Singapore will joining in the celebration like her other sister hotels around the world by having a gastronomic spectacular every Sundays in October. It's called the St Regis Bloody Mary Anniversary Brunch.

It's kind of an indulgence as you can see in the following photographs. I had the privilege to try it out last weekend. The price starts from SGD 148++ for adults.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

It's a 4 hour affair. The Bloody Mary Anniversary Brunch starts at 11am. From 11 am to noon, there's complimentary hour of aperitifs at the Astor Bar. You can relax and start your lunch with the Bloody Mary! Maybe try the Cili Padi Mary as well!

At noon, all guests proceed to Brasserie Les Saveurs. It's where the food indulgence begins. From noon to 3 pm, slowly enjoy the food. You got 3 hours to eat.

There's always live music playing at Brasserie Les Saveurs the times I have been there. Last week when I was there, a group of people started dancing after lunch and then got back to desserts after they got tired after dancing.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The are some options for you to choose:
- Epicurean Delight ($148++) with complimentary flow of freshly brewed coffee and tea.
- Astor Indulgence ($180++) with complimentary flow of wines, beer, soft drinks and juices.
- Connoisseur Experience ($195++) with complimentary flow of Ruinart champagne, wines, beer and juices.

Ruinart Champagne is now the house champagne at St Regis Singapore. The wife and I served this during our wedding a few years ago (at another hotel)!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The selection of fine breads and rolls available. It's always tempting. I was saying to myself, skip this section, carbo will make me fatter, but in the end, I gave in and took them and even spread them with more French butter.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The Cold Seafood section was so tempting as well. North America lobsters, scallops, black mussels, langoustines, oysters, prawns poached in court bouillon, clams, crayfish and Sri Lankan crabs!

Indulge slowly, they are being replenished quite quickly. The few times I walked past, they are being replenish.

So tempting isn't it? It was interesting when I posted this on Facebook and Instagram and ask: Which is the odd one out? The answers that came back shows that people are so brilliant!
- Oysters, coz the rest are cooked.
- Scallops, because it's the only thing that doesn't go well with lemon.
- Clams and mussels, they are bivalves, the rest are crustaceans.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Claws have been cracked, ready to eat lobsters! I like!
Don't get too friendly with Ms Langoustine! She's tricky!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Ms Piggy's dancing ballet! Someone is there slicing it for you, all that you can have!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

From the live cooking station last Sunday, there was the Foie Gras done in different ways.
I think they have (or alternate it with) poached Boston Lobsters on certain weeks.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Are you a fan of this?

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Oh, I was so happy to see this. Like moods, we sometimes prefer warm prawns to the ones served on the cold seafood section. They have some warm seafood too!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

I definitely love warm clams. Reminds me of the delicious ones at Belgo in London. They were tasty like the ones in Belgo, which I think taste better than Léon de Bruxelles in Paris. If you ordered the free flow beer, you can just have this and beer. No, no one will do that, you want to eat everything else right?

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The Sashimi counter. It's quite amazing with the salmon head staring at you.
Beautiful, unless you are an OCD and you will want to rearrange everything straight instead of artistically. LOL

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Another cooking station is where you get Blinis freshly made and served with accompaniments of your choice topped with Avruga Pearls.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

You can choose from poached scallops, poached lobsters or smoked salmon.
Since I was in the queue and I wanted to try everything, I ordered all 3.

I saw this and couldn't resist. Prime Rib of Grass Fed Beef.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

A slice of it is not enough. Unless you are too full, you will go back for more.

There's also what they call "pass around food". Service staff will carry big metal trays and let you try special dishes fresh out of the kitchen. Here are the four that was passed around when I was there.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The Tomato and Crabmeat Maki Roll with Bloody Mary Vinaigrette. Interesting flavour!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

The White Mary Liquid. It's Bloody Mary Sherbet and Vodka Celery Jellies.
Try this, it's very very appetising. The sourness of it will make you go for more beef!

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki that is coated with sesame seeds and served with citrus salsa.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Poached Egg fans, eat this. Poached Hen Eggs topped with foie gras foam.

Video clip that I loaded to Instagram.

There are also Main Courses that you can order, they will prepare it on the fly and serve it to your table. It's the warm food that's cook when you want to eat it. Here's what we had:

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

Poached Cod Fish that was served with White Mary Vodka Beurre Blanc, sauteed leek and celery. The Slow Dried Cherry Tomatoes, that little thing was bursting with umami. Very nicely done.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

There are also 'passed around desserts' in addition to the ones at the buffet. This was the Cherry Tomato Mousse. It was interesting that a tiny cherry tomato has been emptied and filled with tomato mousse. Served with chocolate cream.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

If you are bringing your kids here, the price is $75 per child (4 - 12 years old).
They have their own mains too that you can order for them.
This is the Snapper's Fish Fingers with french fries.

Bloody Mary turns 80 @ St Regis Singapore

There's always the chocolates and desserts that you can eat here.
There are many more food options that I can't possibly show all here. If you like what you see, you can book the brunch here. 

It is available on Sundays, 5 to 26th October 2014.

St Regis Bloody Mary Anniversary Brunch
St Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911

Tel: +65 6506 6860

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